July 2021 diary

To enquire or make a booking please call us on 0151 336 1958 or email info@thorntonhoughvillagehall.org.uk.

DayDate  Coffee Shop open Mon-Fri 10-3pm Covid rules in place.
Thursday1 JulyAvailableAvailable
Friday2 JulyTwist and Shout Musical MovementAvailableAvailable
Saturday3 JulyTumbletotsAvailable
Sunday4 JulyAvailableAvailableTH Jive
Monday5 JulyTumbletots 10.15-2.15pmTumbletots til 2.15pm
Tuesday6 JulyAvailablePrivate class 1.40-2.40
Wednesday7 JulyRainbows, Brownies Guides 5-9pm
Thursday8 July
Friday9 JulyTwist and Shout musical movement
Saturday10 JulyPrivate function 10-4pm
Sunday11 July
Monday12 JulyTumbletots Tumbletots
Tuesday13 JulyPrivate booking 1.40-2.40
Wednesday14 July
Thursday15 JulyTumbletots

Friday16 JulyTwist and Shout music and movement
Saturday17 July10.30-1.30pm
Sunday18 JulyPrivate functionPrivate function
Monday19 JulyTumbletots Tumbletots
Tuesday20 July
Wednesday21 July
Thursday22 July
Friday23 July
Saturday24 July
Sunday25 July
Monday26 July
Tuesday27 July
Wednesday28 July
Thursday29 July
Friday30 JulyTwist and Shout music and movement
Saturday31 JulyPrivate functionPrivate function