January 2022 diary

To enquire or make a booking please call us on 0151 336 1958 or emailĀ info@thorntonhoughvillagehall.org.uk.

DayDateSports floor is in situ in Main Hall Mon pm - Thurs pmChildrens weekend parties can be booked 10.30-1.30 or 2.00-5.00pmCoffee Shop open Mon-Fri 10-4pm
Saturday1 JanuaryClosed Closed Closed
Sunday2 JanuaryClosedClosedClosed
Monday3 JanuaryTumbletots til 2.30Tumbletots til 2.30pmPrivate function 6.30-7.30pm
Private function 8-10pm
Tuesday4 JanuaryPrivate booking 1.30-2.30pmYoga 6.30-7.30pm
Wednesday5 JanuaryPrivate function 10am-11am
Thursday6 JanuaryLadies Badminton 10-12noon Private function 8-10pm
Friday7 January
Saturday8 JanuaryPrivate function 10.30-1.30Private function 1.30-4.30
Sunday9 JanuaryPrivate function 10.30-1.30pmPrivate function 1.30-4.30Just Jive 7.30-10.30pm
Monday10 JanuaryTumbletots 10.30-2.30Tumbletots til 2.306.30-7.30pm Private function
8-10pm Private function
Tuesday11 JanuaryPrivate booking 1.30-2.30Yoga 6.30-7.30pm
Wednesday12 JanuaryPrivate function 10-11amRainbows, Brownies and Guides
Thursday13 JanuaryPrivate function 10-12noonPrivate function 8-10pm
Friday14 January
Saturday15 JanuaryPrivate functionPrivate functionPrivate function
Sunday16 JanuaryPrivate functionPrivate functionJust Jive 7.30-10.30pm
Monday17 JanuaryTumbletots 10.30-2.30Tumbletots til 2.30Private function 8-10pm
Tuesday18 JanuaryPrivate function 1.30-2.30
Yoga 6.30-7.30pm
Wednesday19 JanuaryPrivate function 10-11amRainbows, Brownies and Guides 5-9pm
Thursday20 JanuaryLadies Badminton
10-12 noon
Private function 8-10pm
Friday21 January
Saturday22 JanuaryPrivate function 10.30-1.30pmPrivate function 2-5pm
Sunday23 JanuaryJust Jive 7.30-10.30pm
Monday24 JanuaryTumbletots 10.30-2.30Tumbletots til 2.30Private function 8-10pm
Tuesday25 JanuaryPrivate function 1.30-2.30Yoga 6.30-7.30pm
Wednesday26 JanuaryPrivate function 10-11amRainbows Brownies and Guides 5-9pm
Thursday27 JanuaryLadies Badminton 10-12noonPrivate function 8-10pm
Friday28 January
Saturday29 January10.30-1.30pm Private function
Sunday30 JanuaryPrivate function 2-5pm
Monday31 JanuaryTumbletots 10.30-2.30pmTumbletots til 2.30pmPrivate function 8-10pm